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Driven by the passion for motorsport, Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren and Next Level have always nurtured the spirit of competition. From a hobby to a serious player in racing, nationally and internationally. Do you want to join them as a sponsor, learn more about hospitality possibilities or just want to know more about the services of van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren and/or Next Level? Please get in touch!

Sponsoring possibilities van Berlo Motorsport

Both Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren and Next Level have a natural 'fit' with motorsports. This is because both organizations have core values that also apply to motorsports. In a world of global competition, the Van Berlo family has shown for over 40 years to be a solid partner, both in corporate flooring and in real-estate. Trust is therefore the foundation for continuity in business. Trust is also essential for success in motorsports. Without the driver's confidence in his machine, success is out of the question.

"Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages." At Van Berlo, they recognize that speed is what characterizes the organization. In addition, both companies are characterized by innovation. Motorsport is a breeding ground for innovations; not infrequently new techniques are first tested in motorsports before being used in regular cars. Teamwork is also essential both in the workplace and in motorsports. Although the driver drives the car, the team behind him is indispensable. Just like in motor racing, everything has to be right, down to the smallest details. This requires a top team that works together.

In this way Kay and Glenn van Berlo are the ultimate personification of the connection between Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren | Next Level and motorsports. The sponsorship activities provide exposure and opportunities for relationship marketing in a natural way.

Do you think your company also has a fit with the values of van Berlo Motorsport and you would like to profit from this fit? Please reach out via or via the contact form at the footer of this page.

Hospitality options van Berlo Motorsport

At the moment Covid-19 causes hospitality packages to be unavailable. When this changes, we will describe the possibilities for hospitality on this page.

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