Cookies are small text files that we place on your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you visit our website. Some of these cookies are essential for the operation of the website. Other cookies ensure that your website usage is tracked. The use of cookies is absolutely safe. It is not possible for malicious parties to trace personal information, such as a telephone number or an e-mail address, from a cookie.

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Functional cookies:

For a perfectly working site, a number of functional cookies are required. We use the following functional cookies:

_CraftSessionId: keep track of the session from the CMS that we use.

Third party cookies:

On our site we also use some third party cookies via embedding content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. When you are logged in to one of these parties, they place so-called third party cookies. More information about third party cookies can be found on the named social media platforms.

Analytical cookies:

We are continuously trying to improve our website. We do this, among other things, by analyzing web behavior through Google Analytics. Below are the cookies used for this analysis:

_ga: unique ID to collect data through Google Analytics.
_gid: unique ID to collect data per page via Google Analytics.

Curious about how these cookies work? Then search the Google Analytics platform for more information.

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Want to know more about deleting cookies? This differs per browser. It is best to use a search engine to find the right information.